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Have you ever seen a logo that just makes you stop and say, ‘WOW! That is a really cool logo!’  This is the end result in the method of effective branding and creative visual thinking.


Understanding what you or your business is all about is a key part of the process of designing the right custom logo.  This mindset allows our designers to tailor their concepts that meet the unique needs of you or your business.  The best part is, you have complete control of your project, without having to deal with all the burden and hassle of it.  This is where J D Logo Designs comes in.


The design process includes a thorough creative brainstorming session between you and J D Logo Designs to ensure that the design will stir up the affecting outcome you desire. Remember, the goal of your logo is to visually attract your customers.  We believe that a memorable logo is sometimes more effective than the actual product sold.


You are still reading, therefore that is a good thing.  So, what are some of the things you get when you go with J D Logo Designs?

Typically, no less than 3 logo design concepts.


See your first logo design concept in days, not weeks!


We provide you with multiple final design files including:




What? No money back guarantees like you have seen from other logo design companies?  We would love to offer this kind of guarantee. Really, we would.  But if we did, then that would mean we are not confident you will love the logo we design for you.  And that is just plain silly.


But, if for some bizarre reason you do not absolutely love it, we give our word not to charge you for any of the logo design concepts that we provide to you.  Best part is, we honestly will not hold it against you.  Promise.


If you are still not sure, check out our Logo Design Portfolio and see what we have done.

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